Bright eMarketing is a full service electronic marketing firm focused on the Healthcare Industry.


We offer targeted marketing to Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Drug Representatives, Technology Providers, Executives and many more.


Targeted Email Marketing

We offer the highest quality list rentals in the industry combined with the highest deliverability rate of any provider.  Greater than 99% of the emails we send reach their intended recipient.


Text vs. Rich Text vs. HTML

Every email that we send will available in the three format including HTML, text, and rich text. 


How about Mobile devices?

In addition to the standard formats we make sure that all emails are optimized for the mobile devices that more and more users reach their email on including iPhone, iPad, blackberry and droid.


Creative Design

We offer email and fax creative design.  You send us your marketing collateral and we will create an email, using our experience, that will produce the best results for your specific need.


Prefer to design your own? 

No problem!  We can take your pre-built email and send it to anyone in our database that fits your requirements.


What about image hosting and bandwidth?

For every email that we send we can host the images and high bandwidth content of your message to ensure a fast experience for anyone opening your message.  In addition, this will reduce load on your internal servers and reduce bandwidth costs if you do not host internally.


We're fully compliant with all Federal SPAM laws.

Your email broadcast is fully compliant with Federal Laws when using our service.  Since we own the lists and received permission to communicate with our users there is no need to worry about any non-compliance issues that arrise when using other providers.

How about Fax Broadcasting?


Fax broadcasting has shown to be a effective way to communicate with office based and private practitioners who do not use email regularly in their office.  


Bright eMarketing also has, in our databases, nearly 500,000 fax numbers that can be used to reach your target audience. In addition, we are also compliant with Federal Laws regarding fax transmission.