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Welcome. Bright eMarketing is a unique healthcare emarketing company. We offer a wide range of services specifically tailored for the healthcare market:



Many companies offer similar services at a lesser depth and for a higher price. Very few can offer an inhouse-generated database of over 2 million healthcare professional records for rent.


By working with Bright eMarketing you can target your audience directly and effectively not for the overinflated market price you have come to expect.


Make your budget go further, make your campaigns more effectively by making use of our services.



Did you know:

  • The most effective way to target office-based physicians is via fax and not email?
  • How to encourage an administrative assistant to transition from an information gatekeeper to your advocate?
  • That Search marketing is the most-cost effective method for introducing new 'customers' to your product/service/message?


Save 10% on your first Bright marketing campaign, guaranteed.



Our InHouse Email/Fax Lists 

Over the last three years Bright eMarketing has been very productive in growing our internal email/fax databases of healthcare professionals from across the United States and abroad. 


Recognizing that the most active and involved healthcare professionals in their field are those who have active memberships in local and national associations/groups we asked respondees to provide a list of their active memberships. From this we have been able to recreate membership lists without incurring an association rental charge. Not having to pay an association rental charge (if they rent their membership lists in the first place) allows us to pass these cost savings to you.


Our lists:


  • Are the most cost-effective lists on the marketplace, typically undercutting the market price by up to 30%.
  • Contains self-reported membership and communicative data from healthcare professionals nationally and internationally.
  • Respondees have identified the most effective way to communicate to them (e.g. work vs personal email addresses).
  • Can be segmented to be more geographically-specific to meet your needs.
  • Are updated periodically to ensure list freshness.


Communicate to the most active element of your target audience by working with us.


By renting an email/fax list from us you can communicate to an association's membership while saving 10% on your campaign costs.

The Next Step


If you are interested in investigating further our services and/or lists, please get in contact.