Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you sell your email addresses or any other data in your database?

A. No.  All of our customers rent our lists and send through our service. This includes both email and fax. At no time will the actual email addresses be provided.  In order to maintain our high deliverability rate and our promise to our physicians and others to not sell their contact information or provide them unwanted content we cannot provide their data.



Q. What deliverability rate can I expect? 

A. We do not charge for any address that is not deliverable.  This is a benefit that we offer that is unique in our industry.  Most other providers will charge you whether or not your message is delivered.


Q. Who uses our service and what do they use it for?

A. Anyone who needs to contact healthcare professionals.  Pharmaceutical companies, education providers, software companies, device makers, Healthcare recruiters, Physicians, hospital marketing departments, sales reps, product managers, and convention managers are examples of those who have used our service.


Q. How specific of a list can we send to?

A. We can target down to the exact level that you are looking for.  For example, zip code, specialty, practice type, career classification, are just a sample of what we can do.  Please contact us with specific details.


Q. Can you send out my in-house list?

A. We can add your in-house provided list to our transmission so long as they are opt-in addresses.  We cannot send to any email address that was purchased or that you do not have permission to contact.


Q. Do you manage the unsubscribe list?

A. Yes, every email has an unsubscribe link and our mailboxes monitored for anyone who wants to be removed. This is included as part of the transmission.


Q. How fast is your turnaround time?

A. We can have an email created, tested and sent out for delivery in less than 24 hours.


Q. How often is your data updated?

A. We are updating all of our data on a daily basis.  At a minimum each entry in our database is verified every 6 months.