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We want you to save money with us or get money from us.



Want to know how to SAVE money with us?

It's a simple process


  1. Conservatively figure out how many email/fax list rentals you plan to do across all of your projects in 2017.
  2. Decide roughly the transmission schedule for these list usages. 
  3. Contact us to receive a 20% discount for prepaying your list rentals.


If you prepurchase a list, or selection of lists, we can offer you a large 20% discount from your bulk order. No tricks or gimmicks. 


As you are already aware, we offer the most cost-effective pricing in the market. Now you can fully leverage this into generating huge savings for your company.


Contact us to find out more.



Want to know how to GET money from us?

Its a simple process


  1. Refer a colleague to us.
  2. We do work for your colleague.
  3. You recieve 10% of the first marketing campaign undertaken for your colleague.


For every new referral you send us the lower the cost of your annual email/fax marketing budget. This is new business for us, a new, reliable and more cost-effective service for your colleague, and money back to you.


Make sure that when your colleague contacts us make sure that they mention that you sent them - we want to send you your check.


Contact us to find out more.