Email Marketing Service for the Healthcare Industry

Bright eMarketing is a full-service electronic marketing firm focused on the Healthcare Industry. 


We have one of the most comprehensive healthcare marketing databases in the world.  Our database contains only 100% opt-in email addresses for any group that you wish to target including 

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Drug Representatives
  • Technology Providers
  • Healthcare Executives and many more.
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Our Lists

Each contact we have in our lists is an opt-in user.  Everyone on our lists has given permission for us to send targeted email to them.  


We are 100% compliant to federal spam laws. Each email sent has a real-time option to request removal from future campaigns.



The Numbers

We have over two million email addresses in our database.


Unlike many other list providers who have partnerships and pay royalties we are different in that we own our database. Since we own the database we can provide our service for much less than a traditional list provider who rents their addresses from associations and other third parties--increasing cost to you.


When you work with us we are a one stop shop.  There are no hidden fees or additional royalties to pay.


Each contact is our database is verified so that you are only charged for valid email addresses.